What is Light Language

Light Language

Sacred Geometry and Light Language

Dr. Suzan Rossi met Starr Fuentes in 1999 and through Starr’s work she learned the modality of Light Language. Dr. Rossi was amazed and intrigued by Light Language, this incredible ancient technology uses geometric shapes (sacred geometry) combined with specific colors, often written into “grid” form, with the purpose of healing and creating miraculous results on the physical plane. Interestingly, embedded in the technology of Light Language a deeply installed safety mechanism in that the intended manifestation must be in alignment with the highest and greatest good for each involved. If the intention is out of alignment with the greater good the grid is simply nullified.

The Mayan and Aztec Roots of Light Language 

Light Language comes from a 2000-year-old unbroken lineage of Curanderos and Curanderas (master healers) who descended primarily from the Mayan and Aztec traditions. Amazingly this extraordinary wisdom miraculously survived intact as an oral or “caught” teaching for thousands of years held sacred by one small group of people in Mexico. The wisdom contained in Light Language is vast. As a healing tool the power is immense. Humbly know that an ancient, indigenous, often labeled uncivilized Native American people not only "could hold" and understand these intricate teachings of sacred geometry with complex facets like the truncated dodecadodecahedron, small rhombidodecahedron, great stellated truncated dodecahedron they knew how to use them. Amazing! They taught others how to use it. They healed with the sacred geometries of Light Language. They held this knowledge pristine knowing they would gift it to the world with impeccable timing.

Enter Starr

The Light Language teachers knew the time would arrive when they would pass the teachings to the other corners of the world. Even with all the wisdom of the Curanderos, they failed to pass the teachings on until the arrival of Starr Fuentes. Starr is a woman of extraordinary natural psychic talents, genius level intellect, almost perfect memory, an eclectic blend of ancient esoteric and modern training, and most importantly, profound courage, tenacity, dedication along with a commitment to transformation of human suffering.  During Starr’s lifetime of study, she spent three intense years in Vera Cruz, Mexico with Currendera teacher, Esperanza Mercado the lineage holder of the Light Language teachings. Starr was the one, wisely selected by the Curanderos to bring the teachings of Light Language out to all corners of the world. Through the foresight, courage, generosity and dedication of Starr Light Language is now available across this globe.

Unveiling the Mystery Teachings

We are alive in a time of accelerated evolution and transformation.

Humankind has been undergoing rapid changes in past 30 years. The result is that we are NOW ready to receive the information that the Mystery Schools, (including Light Language) across the planet have unleashed to us on a global scale. For the first time in human history we can consciously embrace this profound personal opportunity to explore this vast opening, with unpredicted access to the most sacred empowering materials.

The profound sacred service that Starr and other trailblazers have completed has combined with the incredible manifestation of communication systems like the internet we have access to sacred teachings and healing. We have the convenience of studying these advanced teachings and receiving the miraculous benefits while at the same time living our lives in the comfort. This is not accidental timing.

It has been widely known for many years that somehow the great Mayans would give us answers. The answer is Light Language. Thank you to ancient Mayan ones. Thank you, Esperanza. And thank you, Starr.

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